Juvederm Family of Fillers


Hyaluronic acid, or HA, is a natural substance in the body that delivers volume to the skin. Modified HA is the main ingredient behind JUVÉDERM®. Getting treated with JUVÉDERM® helps add volume to different areas of the face without surgery while also temporarily restoring the volume loss beneath the surface.

Juvederm Ultra Lip Filler
$575 per syringe

You may split your filler between 2 visits up to 4 months apart. There is a $50 additional sitting fee for the second appointment

If you are looking for a natural, hydrated lip that doesn't appear overfilled, Juvaderm Vobella is right for you. It is a much thinner and superficial filer. 

If you want the full, plump, pouty lips, Juvaderm Ultra is the filler for you.  It is a much thicker, stronger filler that goes a bit deeper to really bring out your lips.

If you are unsure, contact us now for a consultation..


Juvederm for Nasolabial folds


$575 for 1 syringe Juvederm ultra

One area that can age you the most is the nasolabial folds.  As gravity takes effect on our faces it begins to droop causing the fold to deepen.  Juvederm Ultra is a thick filler, specially formulated for the lower face, that will fill in the lines and leave you looking years younger!


Juvederm Cheek Filler


Voluma $650 per syringe

Over the years gravity causes your faces to droop and sag, often causing unsightly jowels.  One way to combat this is to add volume to our cheeks to 'lift' the face.  Juvaderm Voluma is specially formulated specifically for the cheek area.  It is a special formulation of Hyaluronic Acid that lifts the tissue.  It has been shown to last up to two years.


Juvederm Tear Trough Filler

Volbella $600 per syringe

Sagging under eyes make  you look tired.  1 syringe of Juvederm Volbella can takes year off and give you a refreshed look.  Volbella is a soft, thin filler so your underlies won't look bulgy.  We use a cannula technique so there is less risk of bruising.