Beautiful woman receiving microneedling

Medical Grade Microneeding with MDPen

$250 per session with 3-4 sessions recommended for best results. Microneedling sounds like an intimidating procedure, no thanks to the word "needle" in its name.  We always apply  numbing cream to the face to ensure comfort.   The procedure is actually minimally-invasive — and comes with a host of skin-boosting benefits that go beyond a basic facial. You're building collagen and thickening the skin, so instead of looking good for a few days after your traditional facial, your skin is smooth and radiant for much longer.  Microneedling helps with fine lines and wrinkles. Age spots or uneven skin tone, scars, and even sagging skin.


MDPen rapidly creates a pattern of micro channels in the treatment area that significantly increase the production of collagen and elastin to leave the skin smoother, fresher, and more uniform. Micro channels also create micro injuries which causes the body to send blood and growth factors to the area resulting in glowing, healthy skin.