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RenuYou is proud to offer truSculpt® iD, a revolutionary non-surgical, body-sculpting treatment that allows you to personalize your ideal body in as little as one 15-minute treatment. truSculpt iD is a safe and effective technology that is clinically proven to permanently eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas around your abdomen and flanks. With truSculpt iD, you can get the body definition you want, even in areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise.

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• truSculpt iD uses innovative Monopolar RF technology to selectively target fat and therapeutically heat it – until fat cells are eliminated by passing through the body naturally.

• Average of 24% fat reduction is achieved in just one treatment.



• This procedure is versatile and effective to treat a wide range of patients who may not be a candidate for other contouring procedures due to treatment location, skin type, fat thickness and presence of skin laxity.

•The treatment has minimal discomfort and has been compared to a hot stone massage.

• There is no visible downtime after the procedure and normal activity can be resumed immediately.

• The treatment time is dependent on the treatment size and how many areas are treated. Treatment time is typically 15 to 30 minutes to treat the abdomen and flanks.

• Typically, only 1 treatment is needed. Maximum results are visible after 12 weeks. Additional treatments may be required to achieve the personalized results you desire.

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A More Effective Body Sculpting Treatment than CoolSculpting®‎

TruSculptID uses radiofrequency energy to heat fat located below the skin, irreversibly injuring a portion of the fat cells. These damaged fat cells are then absorbed by the body over a period of six to twelve weeks.

People may have seen advertisements for CoolSculpting®‎, a machine which injures fat cells by freezing rather than heating. While this also works to decrease the thickness of the fatty layer, heating with radiofrequency has the advantage of causing shrinkage and tightening of the skin. Freezing cannot do this. Thus, the truSculpt iD results appear smoother and more even.

Patients may expect an average 24% reduction in the thickness of the fatty layer in the areas treated. The body sculpting treatment is comfortable with no anesthesia required and no down time afterwards.



truSculpt® iD FAQs

Am I a candidate for truSculpt® iD?

Visit RenuYou MedSpa Ankeny for a consultation and we can determine if you are a candidate. Typically, appropriate patients have a body mass index (BMI) less than 30.

Can truSculpt® iD be used on all skin types?

Yes, this treatment can be done on all skin types.

How long does a body sculpting treatment take?

Treatment time depends on the areas treated. The procedure itself lasts 15 minutes.

How many treatments will be needed?

Patients typically see results after one treatment. Some patients may elect to have a second treatment for final tweaks or for treatments on alternate areas.

What will the treatment feel like?

During treatment, the temperature will slowly heat up and is very comfortable. Most patients comment that the procedure feels like a hot stone massage.

Can I return to normal activities after my treatment?

Yes, this is a noninvasive procedure and you can return to all normal activities immediately after the treatment.

Is there any downtime after the treatment or side effects?

There is no downtime or side effect after this treatment. The treatment area may feel tender following the treatment but this will resolve within a few days.

When will I see results?

After the treatment, your body’s immune system will start to break down and flush out the fat cells that were treated leading to circumferential reduction. Everyone’s body does so at a different rate however, on average, people will see results around 6-8 weeks after the treatment and continuing improvement up to 3 month

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