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Medical Services 

RenuYou offers a variety of medical services preformed by our skilled providers.  We specifically design a play just for you. Take a look below and select to learm more indepth about each procedure.  Whether you want to feel younger, healthier  or have skin concerns such as tone, pigmentation, or scarring, RenuYou has a service for you.


Everyone is welcome at RenuYou.

It is our hope and our goal to offer services to all persons at RenuYou. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming environment for everyone.  Please take your time to get to know us and come visit us.  We would love to help you on your jouney!



Botox $11 per unit
Dysport $11 per unit
Xeomin $10 per unit

Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles that appear when you use your facial muscles beneath the skin to make a facial expression.  They are sometimes called “static” lines because they have already formed on the forehead.

After years of squinting, laughing, and worrying, the skin around your eyes and forehead develop deep lines and wrinkles. Expression lines may often make you look old or tired. These dynamic wrinkles deepen with age and often create a terse, stressed appearance.

Neurotoxins such as Botox, Xeomin and Dysport injections relax select muscles in your face and limit their ability to contract.

By treating these areas your wrinkles can be significantly reduced.


Dermal Filler

Full lip filler $600
Mini Lip filler (1/2 syringe) $325

All Filler $650 Per Syringe
Undereye filler, Nasolabial fold filler, Cheek filler, 
Jaw/chin filler, Temple filler 

Our Packages include discounts for multiple syringes purchased together


Dermal Fillers are sugar gel molecules injected directly under the skin to quickly restore your skin’s volume and smooth away facial wrinkles and folds.  They can be use for many areas of the face from filling in deep grooves to fine lines.  They can add structure and smoothness. Dermal Fillers can provide volume to the cheeks and undereye plumpness to the lips, and much more. RenuYou carries various types of Dermal Fillers, each is unique in its properties.  Juvederm, RHA and Radiesse are the most commonly used. Your provider will assess your goals, your facial structure and use the tools necessary to provide you with the most natural look possible. 


$700 per vial

Sculptra is an FDA approved injectable that helps gradually replace lost collagen-- the most common protien in the body that is used to form a framework to support cells and tissue.  For results that can last up to 2 years!

As a poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) collagen stimulator, Sculptra helps restore the deep, underlying structure of the skin to diminish facial wrinkles.

Sculptra works with your body within the deep dermis to help revitalize collagen production and help restore your skin’s inner structure and volume.1,2,4

As the Sculptra PLLA microparticles are absorbed, they help stimulate collagen production.1,2,4

Rebuilt collagen strands begin gradually helping to restore facial volume and the look of fullness to wrinkles and folds

PDO threads are hypodermic needles preloaded with a synthetic monofilament suture containing Polydioxanone (PDO). The PDO suture stimulates neocollagenesis, helping us replace lost collagen! Polydioxanone is FDA-approved and is some of the safest material that can be used in the body. Over a period of 4-6 months, your skin will fully absorb the PDO threads (sutures) without leaving any scar tissue.

PDO Threads

PDO Lifting threads -- priced per Area
PDO Full Face Lift $1500
PDO Mid Face Lift $900
PDO Jowel Li
ft $900
PDO Neck Lift $80
PDO Brow Lift $800



PDO Smooth Threads 


Priced per Thread
1-5 $35 per thread
6-10 $30 per thread
11-20 $20 per thread
21-30 $15 per thread
> 31 $10 per thread

PDO smooth (and twist) threads do not have barbs and easily glide under the skin in treatment areas for a practically painless insertion. They are a single filament thread designed to stimulate collagen and support the skin, rather than immediately lift or reposition the skin

Microneedling Face & Neck $350
add decolletage for $75


SkinPen Microneedling

Microneedling sounds like an intimidating procedure, no thanks to the word "needle" in its name.  Numbing cream is always applied to the face to ensure comfort.  The procedure is actually minimally-invasive — and comes with a host of skin-boosting benefits that go beyond a basic facial. You're building collagen and thickening the skin, so instead of looking good for a few days after your traditional facial, your skin is smooth and radiant for much longer.  Microneedling helps with fine lines and wrinkles. Age spots or uneven skin tone, scars, and even sagging skin.

hair transplant dhi prp hairloos.jpg

PRF Microneedling

EZGEL is a 100% autologous and natural gel material, obtained through centrifugation of a whole blood sample to isolate beneficial cells, then subjected to a cooling and heating process, without any chemical addition nor modification. The Gel material is great to use in delicate areas where filler is difficult to use such as the undereye.

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is an autologous blood concentrate that uses your own blood to help rejuvenate your skin. PRF contains autologous growth factors that stimulate and enhance the healing response. When combined with Microneedling it stimulates collagen.  The treatment simulates what happens when you get hurt, your body naturally directs these growth factors to the injury to support your body’s regenerative processes. By delivering the PRF right after microneedling, we stimulate and support your body’s ability to make new, healthy, beautiful skin. 

$400 Per vial

KYBELLA® (deoxycholic acid) injection is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment that is used in adults to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat), also called, “double chin.”

IMG_4801 (1)_edited.jpg

BioTe Bio-identical Hormones

Lab Draw/consult $200
Female Pellet insertion $350
Male Pallet insertion $650

Most women see a significant drop in estrogen and testosterone during menopause, while many men may experience a similar phenomenon relating to testosterone, known as andropause. Hormonal imbalances occur when there is too much or too little of a hormone in the bloodstream. Hormones are important for regulating most major bodily processes. Because of their essential role in the body, even the smallest hormonal imbalance can cause side effects throughout the body. At RenuYou Dr. Koos and Nikki Fellers NP are specially trained in optimizing hormone levels and working with you to help you feel your best!

Medical Weight Loss

Mandatory Consult/Blood Draw $200
Weekly Semaglutide IM injections $99
Weekly Tirzepatide IM injections $149

We also offer Package Deals for discounted pricing. 

Semaglutide is part of a class of medications called GLP-1 receptor agonists.  It increases insulin secretion and also acts on centers in the brain that regulate appetite.   Semaglutide is administered as a once weekly subcutaneous injection.  It can decrease appetite and cravings, jumpstart weight loss, and improve blood glucose control.  In the semaglutide study, approximately 70% of participants achieved a weight loss of at least 10%, and approximately 30% of participants treated with semaglutide lost at least 20% of baseline weight.  These are amazing numbers!!

Slim young woman measuring her thin waist with a tape measure, close up.jpg

IV & IM Therapy

Myers Cocktail IV $159
Immune Boost IV $139
Migraine IV $139

(IV therapy at Ames Location Only)

Vitamin B12 Shot $25

Glutathione Shot $30

Lipo Skinny (MIC) shot $30

Vitamin D Shot $30


Who Might Benefit from IV Hydration and Nutrient Therapy? Those experiencing dehydration, jet lag, hangovers, Chronic Fatigue, Migraine,  headaches, fibromyalga, immune System Disorders, digestive absorption disorders. IV Therapy is not intended to take the place of health checkups, medical treatment, or input from your primary care physician or specialist.

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